Video Post: View(s) From The Other Side

It’s been a long time since I posted – I remember getting the last post out in late March and thinking that things would hopefully be back to normal by the Spring, which has obviously not come to pass. In the interim I’ve also made a big move – I’ve joined the faculty of the Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale, IL as an Assistant Professor, where I’m teaching real property and further courses to be named later.

That said, I’ve also taken the time to put together an online version of a videotaped lecture series hosted by the Examining Division of the US Copyright Office from 1985 to 1993, entitled “A View From The Other Side.” The series was created and usually hosted by Jodi Rush, who has been generous enough to provide some context on the series and videos. According to Jodi, she created the series “to educate Examining Division Staff about the industries we served, help them understand the impact of their daily work, and introduce them to some of the luminaries who were instrumental in the creation of the 1976 Act, which of course we were still in the throes of implementing.” I think you can tell that from the many different types of speakers from different sectors – it’s really a snapshot of the different constituencies of copyright law on the cusp of the digital age.

The 22 Videos I have from the series are reproduced below. In each case the Motion Picture Division of the Library of Congress digitized the original U-Matic videocassettes. In cases where the program spanned multiple cassettes I edited the files together myself – I believe everything came out fine but please let me know if anything didn’t. The full playlist is here, and I’ve also embedded it below (it might only show the first video though).

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